Health and the Smut Writer

Let's face it: being a smut writer is a long, lonely task. We work from glaring screens, hunched over worn keyboards, and we aren't surrounded by colleagues with whom we can chat around the water cooler or head off for a relaxing lunch together come

Selling Your Book the Adult Video Way

Writers often have a hard time figuring out how to present their works to the smut-reading public. And their poor sales sometimes reflect their misguided covers, weak titles, and under-selling blurbs. It can be difficult to determine what approach to

A Step by Step Guide to e-book Formatting with Scrivener

A Step by Step Guide to eBook formatting with Scrivener Open Project Templates Menu When you open Scrivener, navigate to the Project Templates menu. Choose Fiction Templates Click on the fiction category. You will see a

Whose Genre is it Anyway?

Do you write erotica, or stroke? And why does that mean? Are you books romance or erotica? They both generally have sex—so does it matter? Yes, yes it does, and I’m going to talk about why. First off, I want to dispel the myth that people are

On Professionalism

This is a post I’ve been wanting to write for a while. Writing is a very solitary profession compared to most jobs. You can work from wherever, whenever. For many of us, that means sitting in our living rooms or bedrooms in our pajamas, slaving away

Launching A Book Series On The Cheap

Hello all, I recently launched a new BBW Paranormal Romance series: Red Lodge Bears. While I have been writing and self-publishing for a number of years now, I am still CHEAP. I do my own covers (with the exception of the ones that Scarlet Cox