The Different Genres of Sex and Love

Humanity has a handful of different urges and drive that are intrinsic to our species. Among those urges are sex and love. With them being basic desires shared by nearly every human on the planet, it's only natural that they play a crucial role in

What the Hell is a Novelette, or: Good Writing Takes Many Forms

So you're interested in writing smut or romance, or perhaps you've started out already and you're thinking about expanding to a different format. What are your options, exactly? The forms are, in order from longest to shortest: Epic novel -

You Can’t Make Bricks Without Clay

OK, so in my opinion the Sherlock Holmes films with Robert Downy Jr. were mildly entertaining, though they reflected a less nuanced concept of what Holmes represented and a much more Americanized Action/Adventure notion of Edwardian England.  As in

For Your Reading Pleasure

And to aid in your digestion, this Thanksgiving Day, we're proud to present: Short Smut, Vol 3. 19 hot tales to melt your e-reader. We've got everything from hot m/m/f action, shifter romance, fetish fairy tales, domineering bosses and

Tips for Better Dialogue

Although smut writing is undoubtedly about the sex, the connections you create between your characters--and with your readers--are what really sell your smut. And before those characters connect their body parts, they usually connect in

Erotica Versus Reality

Next to that oft-maligned and much misunderstood advice "write what you know" sits the elephant in the room; the complaint voiced by critics of erotica and pornography which could well lead you astray if you listen to it. You know the