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  • Tips for Better Dialogue

    Tips for Better Dialogue

    Although smut writing is undoubtedly about the sex, the connections you create between your characters–and with your readers–are what really sell your smut. And before those characters connect their body parts, they usually connect in dialogue. Dialogue is often what … Continue reading →
  • Erotica Versus Reality

    Erotica Versus Reality

    Next to that oft-maligned and much misunderstood advice “write what you know” sits the elephant in the room; the complaint voiced by critics of erotica and pornography which could well lead you astray if you listen to it. You know … Continue reading →
  • Crash Course in High Design

    Crash Course in High Design

    For modern smut-writing authorpreneurs, design is about more than book covers. Or, it will be soon. These days, authors wear many hats. Gone are the days when we could cloister ourselves away in sublime isolation, and do nothing but put … Continue reading →
  • Ergonomics for Writers, Authors, and Smut Slingers: The Setup Part I

    Ergonomics for Writers, Authors, and Smut Slingers: The Setup Part I

    Imager Source: Eric Schmuttenmaer- Slworking edit I see you! Yeah, you there slouching over your keyboard. You over there, rubbing your hands in pain. This guide is for you. Disclaimer I am not a doctor, and this is not medical … Continue reading →
  • Lizzy Grant and Lana del Rey

    Lizzy Grant and Lana del Rey

    I’ve been dragging my feet about writing this blog post because, at some point in it, I’m supposed to announce a new beginning. A breaking of eggs for omlettes. A phoenix reduced to ash. A caterpillar crawling into its cocoon … Continue reading →