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Researching Historical Fiction

Historical erotica and romance are big business these days. Downton Abbey is coming back next week and you know that readers will be hot for some frills and thrills. Maybe you've thought about getting in on the historical erotica game yourself. But how do you make sure your historical stories satisfy... read more >

"Oh, where do you get such amazing ideas from?!"

We've all heard that one before. I'm not sure we've quite heard "Oh, Scarlet! Where did you get the idea of a tourist having sex with a kami?" but you get the idea. People behave as though writers are these weird inhuman creatures (cough) who are somehow magically more creative than the rest... read more >

My Computer, My Alpha Reader

Take a look at this sentence from my upcoming story, Betty Succumbs to a Dominant Billionaire Biker Octopus Shifter: Betty Smith did not expect to to experience tentacles in the the board room. What’s wrong with this sentence? Your eyes might skate over the grammatical crime, but when you hear it read aloud, you... read more >