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Cover Art: The Non-DYI Option

While I’ve made covers in the past, the reality of the matter is, I’m not as good as a professional. Thank goodness, because I really enjoy giving creative people money. I loved working with my florist and photographer for my wedding, going on the adventure of ever-shortening hair with my... read more >

An In-Depth 'How To Plot A Romance Novel' Checklist

Hello, fellow writers! As you may or may not know, I specialize in the long narrative form AKA novels. What you probably don't know is that I have a lengthy, highly intricate method for coming up with the characters, plots, and narrative structures I use in my books. Romance novels are... read more >

Smutwriting and Success

Often times you’ll see erotica authors who claim to be making a ton of money doing this. At first, those numbers sound amazing, then they sound fake. New authors start wondering why they’re not rolling in the dough after they start pumping out their first few books. Yes, some of the... read more >