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GTD for Writers, Authors, and Smutslingers

  What the Heck Is GTD? GTD is short for getting things done . It’s a productivity method created by David Allen, and explained in a book called (appropriately enough) Getting Things Done. Basically, the idea is there are five main steps to make sure that you don’t suck at life. And we... read more >

Editing an Anthology: It's fun, but not easy

The first time I put together an anthology together for Smut Writers, I didn’t even know that what I was doing had an official sounding title. I thought I was just asking everyone for their stories, putting together the document, checking for typos, and formatting it. Sounds simple, right? No, it’s... read more >

What's the matter with front and back matter?

Hello again, friends. The moon is high, the tide is low, and that means it's time for me to give you super cool smut tools of the trade. A few days ago, someone posted to /r/Smutwriters asking whether it is important to regularly update the back matter in your books. Most people replied... read more >