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Balancing Promo Work and Private Work

So I've been running late with things. Late with releases and emails and planning. Today is my day to post on Smut Writers, and as its 9:00 pm at night, I'm running late with this too! And that's a problem, because then people wonder where you are and if they can... read more >

Connecting with Characters

Whether you're writing romance, erotic romance, erotica, or billionaire werewolf tentacle porn, your problem is the same. Readers don't want just a description of certain body parts sliding against each other; they want the body parts belonging to certain people (or werewolves or gargoyles or tentacle-owners) sliding against each other.... read more >

How I learned to stop worrying and love the reviews.

Writing erotica makes you a better writer all-round. There, I said it: I uttered the blasphemous words that will see me tarred and feathered. But you know what? It's true. Writing erotica is practising two vital functions writers can often stumble at: Producing words Receiving reader feedback The actual writing part is often surprisingly difficult... read more >