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Dr. Fappening (or How I Learned to Love the Cloud)

After many many days of viewing naked celebrities online, not only have I worn out multiple batteries, but I've come to the following conclusion - I was right.  The cloud is simply never going to be a very safe place to store the most personal and intimate details of your... read more >

Writing with Friends

I just shipped off a book to my editor! Except I didn't write this book. Well I did, but not completely. PRISONER was co-written with my friend Annika Martin, who's also an author. Here are some thoughts on the co-writing process, in no particular order: Coming up with the IDEA was... read more >

Researching Historical Fiction

Historical erotica and romance are big business these days. Downton Abbey is coming back next week and you know that readers will be hot for some frills and thrills. Maybe you've thought about getting in on the historical erotica game yourself. But how do you make sure your historical stories satisfy... read more >